is stipend taxable in india

Major part of compulsory training can be provided only by Chartered Accountant in practice. There is also provision for industrial training for a part of total training which can be availed on satisfaction of certain conditions. I wanted to know whether I’ll have to pay income tax for the stipendiary income. Each year roughly 850 faculty and professionals from around the world receive Fulbright Scholar awards for advanced research and university lecturing in the United States. To start, I am not a lawyer, no expert on taxation, or the like, but got a tax-free scholarship in Germany many years back. Julia Kagan is a financial/consumer journalist and former senior editor, personal finance, of Investopedia.

is stipend taxable in india

As mentioned above, stipends are not hourly-based pay and are often used by employers as a lower-cost option to pay interns or to offset the cost individuals bear while executing certain services. As such, stipends can vary depending on the company or organization that pays them. Some companies pay stipends to help cover housing, food, or travel expenses. Therefore, costs incurred during CA training and education is capital costs for development of own human resources. The stipend received is in nature of a financial assistance, grant or subsidy  to meet such capital costs. Therefore, stipend or scholarship received is in nature of ‘capital receipt’.

Taxability of Salary & Benefits

Please obtain the estimated tax publications below in order to assess whether or not you will need to make estimated quarterly tax payments. While it’s always a good idea to get tax advice from an expert if you’re unsure, the basics of stipends and tax returns are available on You can find specific information about fellowship and other grants here, which explains how stipend receivers should fill out their 1040 tax forms. Keep in mind that money from a stipend isn’t classified as 1099 or W-2 income, so don’t report it in that way, or you could be taxed too much.

It is important to check with your employer on the tax implications regarding any stipends. If you receive your stipend payments directly from IIE, you will be offered Sprintax tax service free of charge. Other scholars whose stipends are paid by Commissions overseas may opt into Sprintax for a fee and will be provided with a discount code and should pay their fees directly. If the company identifies you as an employee, your stipend may be taxed and you won’t receive the full amount.

But remember, the majority of stipends are considered a form of taxable income. For the 2022 tax year, the withholding rate for both programs is 15.3%—12.4% for Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare. However, if you just ask the same questions that you’d otherwise ask the tax office, the tax advisor is a rather expensive alternative.

Non-U.S. Scholars

They are often used to offset certain expenses and generally come in a fixed amount. Stipends are commonly paid to trainees, interns, students, apprentices, and clergy members. Individuals should be aware of the tax implications of stipends, which are considered income but aren’t immediately taxed. If a scholarship or fellowship recipient does not have a TIN at the time he or she claims a tax treaty exemption on Form 8233, he or she must apply for one. A Form W-8 BEN without the payee TIN cannot be accepted for purposes of claiming a tax treaty exemption. These payments do not need to be reported to the IRS by the student or the university.

To purse studies and training for course of Chartered accountancy one need to have minimum entry qualification. For joining CA course one has to undergo educational  course and qualify in examinations conducted by ICAI  and also  compulsory training as an articled clerk or audit clerk under a CA in practice. As MadScientist says, social insurance in Germany mostly works along the assumption that everyone is employee. However, some parts allow volountary contributions in order to get some insurance also if you are not in the obligatory social insurance.

A scholarship/fellowship used for expenses other than qualified expenses is taxable income. Taxable scholarships/fellowships are generally referred to as stipends and are payments for which no services are rendered or required. Examples of stipends are payments that can be used for living and incidental expenses such as room and board, travel, non-required books and personal computers, etc. The granting department is responsible for correctly determining the amount, which should be classified as a stipend, but such determination is always subject to review and reclassification by the Tax Department.


In the above backdrop, the said arrangement does not fall under the ambit of professional services, works contract, employment or scholarship to meet the cost of education. The income may be taxed under the head Income from other sources u/s 56(1) as it is not covered under any specific head of income. Further, exemption u/s 10(16) may be claimed to the extent of cost of education as the payment is in the nature of scholarship i.e. stipend. The term stipend refers to a form of compensation that is paid to certain individuals for services rendered, other work, or while they receive training. Stipends are often provided in lieu of or (in some cases) in addition to a regular salary.

  • Postdoctoral-Fellows and -Paid Directs with supplemental Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee appointments at less than 50% time are also subject to applicable fellowship taxes for the value of their health and welfare benefits, irrespective of citizenship status.
  • If one does not have significant withholdings being taken from another income source, then the individual is expected to file estimated quarterly taxes with the federal (IRS) and state (CA FTB) tax boards.
  • U.S. citizen and resident alien recipients of taxable scholarship or fellowship grants are not subject to withholding on such income, unless the payments represent compensation for services.
  • Stipends can be paid out weekly, monthly, or annually, Most often they will not be paid out annually as they are considered a form of support and the individual may need that monetary amount throughout the year.
  • Scholarships/stipends are tax-free, provided that they are not too high and come from a source that is considered non-profit.

In late February/early March, IIE will send you the instructions and guidelines you will need to file the appropriate paperwork for your U.S.-sourced Fulbright-related grant benefits. Similarly, early in each calendar year, other institutions you may have received payments from in the previous year (host institution, etc.) will send you tax information separately, typically via U.S. mail. Instead, a stipend is often designed to cover certain costs for the worker, such as housing and food. Stipends are not based on number of hours worked, but rather an overall agreement of labor to be completed. They’re usually smaller than an hourly minimum wage, as the money paid is meant to offset expenses rather than to provide a complete living wage. While a normal salary would increase over time, stipend amounts are almost always fixed for the length of a set contract and will not increase over time, or until a new contract is started.

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Nonresidents of the United States will have federal taxes withheld from their taxable fellowship income. Individuals holding the F or J visa are assigned a federal withholding rate of 14%. If one’s home country has an applicable fellowship tax treaty and qualifies for the treaty exemption, the University may be able to reduce or eliminate federal tax withholding from the income.

In view of author, stipend is ‘capital receipt’ and is  scholarship  for education. One’s residency status determines whether or not the University makes withholdings for federal taxes from this income. My experience is that German is stipend taxable in india tax offices are very fair and reliable in their explanations. It is their legal duty to explain to you whether you have file a tax declaration, and also where in their forms to fill in the stipend iff it turns out to be taxable.

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The scholarship or fellowship recipients who are nonresident aliens should generally report the treaty exempt income on Form 1040-NR, Sch OI, item L, line 1(e) and include the amount on line 1(k) of Form 1040-NR. Do not include the treaty exempt amount on line 1a of 1040-NR and/or line 1(r) of Sch 1 (Form1040). Students or scholars from countries that have a tax treaty with the U.S. that includes a scholarship/fellowship article may claim exemption or a reduction of tax withholding if they meet the requirements of the treaty.

Most stipends are considered taxable income so you’ll have to pay the entire 15.3% withholding tax out of your own pocket. There is no hard-and-fast rule about the amount individuals are paid for stipends. The amount an individual receives often depends on the task they are assigned or the expense that is being offset. For instance, a company may pay a trainee $250 for a week’s worth of training or a church may pay a clergy member $1,000 for living expenses. Rules outlined by the Department of Labor (DOL) exist surrounding how stipends can be used by companies and organizations. Stipends cannot be used to hire students to replace existing staff, and the students must be the primary beneficiary of the employment or training—not the company.

So it’s only natural that a lot of companies also offer stipends for employees that can be used for a variety of fitness expenses, such as gym memberships, yoga classes, or even personal trainers, as part of a wellness program. Interns, apprentices, fellows, and clergy are common recipients of stipends. Rather than being paid for their services, they’re given stipends to provide financial support while they engage in the service or task at hand. A stipend often includes other benefits, such as higher education, room, and board.

Claiming Treaty Exemption for a Scholarship or Fellowship Grant

Given their status as non-employees, the amount of the university contribution towards the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plans (ie. insurance premiums) is considered taxable, imputed income by the federal and state tax boards. Because of their status as non-degree candidates, income received by a Postdoctoral Scholar is considered fully taxable by the federal and state tax boards. For scholars receiving Sprintax service through the program, you will access the Sprintax Tax Preparation system after receiving instructions on how to create an account. If you received an email stating you are required to create a Sprintax TDS Profile, you should NOT proceed to using Sprintax Tax Preparation until you receive notification that your Form 1042-S is ready (typically sent in March). If you received an email instructing you to proceed to creating an account with Sprintax Tax Preparation, please see the below FAQs to help you through the process.

is stipend taxable in india

In general, it is your legal duty to sign up for tax numbers and submit declarations in time if they are obligatory. I’m not a lawyer, but these rules are kinda vague and personally I’d really try to avoid getting into a situation where someone takes a hard look at your situation and applies them somewhat strictly. Pete Rathburn is a copy editor and fact-checker with expertise in economics and personal finance and over twenty years of experience in the classroom. I will be paid a stipend of Rs in the 1st yr, abt Rs in the 2nd and abt Rs in the 3rd.

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